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Author: Krisztina Szerovay

A Decision to Make Before We Start the UX Process with You

There is an imporant decision you need to make before we can start working on your project: Do you want a pony, or your ultimate goal is good UX?

A Decision to Make Before We Start the UX Process with You

There are two kinds of digital products:

  • the ones that are going to be used mainly by you (or your family, friends), or only have experimental purposes;
  • the ones that will be used not only by you, but by your users.

For example if you have a custom diary idea in mind, which is going to be used only by yourself, you don't have to make the decision described in this article, you can have as many crazy ideas as you want, you can even use shiny gif animations from the '90s, and animated glitter text.

However, considering the fact that you are reading a UX design boutique's blog, you probably have or planning to have a product or service which falls into the second category.

When we start a UX design process with our clients, the first thing we do is a kick-off meeting (a so called Stakeholder Interview). According to our experience, clients have very different backgrounds: some of them already know a lot about UX and web design, and have a quite detailed idea about what should be done during the process, and some only have a vision of the desired end-result without knowing much about user experience design.

In both cases, there is an important decision you need to make to ensure the success of the design process: do you want a product or service, which satisfies (or you think it will satisfy) your own ego, or a result which meets the needs of your users, your target audience? Do you want a pony, or your goal is to achieve a more optimal output?

Sometimes we are going to argue against your ideas. But this the reason why you hire us in the first place. It does not mean, naturally, that we won't discuss the details with you, we believe in a transparent design process. We will present our findings and design ideas on a regular basis. That is why we like to use the word "partner" instead of "client". However, one key element of an effective partnership is this decision. Make it, and be one of our partners!