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Author: Krisztina Szerovay

Marketplace for Video Games and Consoles: Short Summary of our UX Research Process

This is a summary of the UX Research process for designing a C2C online marketplace for used video games and game consoles

Marketplace for Video Games and Consoles: Short Summary of our UX Research Process

Better UX was formed thanks to a UX Research...

Szabolcs read one of my articles on Medium, and asked me to conduct a research for his side project, a C2C videogame and console marketplace. During the research process we realized that we can work together really effectively, so we decided to combine our complementary skills. This is a short summary of the UX research process, and if you are interested in more details, there is a more thorough case study on Medium.

Preliminary Phase

Briefly about the background: there is a Facebook Group with more than 35.000 members at the moment dedicated to selling and buying used video games and game consoles, and this group is also a community for the gamers to discuss the latest trends, news, ask questions about gaming, and so on.

During the Stakeholder Interview, we identified that the main goal of the UX research is to learn about the users' motivations, behavior, needs and context, so that we can think about ways to improve their experience, and maybe design additional channels next to the Facebook Group.

As part of the preparation, we looked at the existing Feedback (many-many messages, comments, suggestions from the group members), so that we could identify what are the main problems, painpoints the users have.


As the first phase of the UX process, we utilized different methods to understand the users better (this is the "Empathize" phase - here you can read our Introduction to Design Thinking).

After the Initial Kick-off Meeting, where we defined the business goals, collected the prior knowledge about the users and the main competitors, and talked about other project-related aspects, we conducted a Competitive Analysis to get to know the existing players already on the market, and did a Best Practice Research.

Then we asked the users about their experiences: thanks to the 11 User Interviews we have had so far, we could learn a lot about the users' needs, motivations and context. Next to the interviews, we also conducted Diary Studies, this method helped us to understand the situations in which and the ways how the users interact with the existing selling and buying channels.

This is just the beginning

Now that we have many research data, our next task is to synthesize the insights we have collected. We are going to create Empathy Maps, refine the Personas, create User Journey Maps and Storyboards as part of the "Define" phase of the UX design process.

If you are interested in working with us on your idea or existing product, let's talk about it, we are always open to new challenges!