Our Story

We are a team of two design professionals, coming from different backgrounds. Our combination is powerful thanks to the diverse areas of expertise.

UX design studio from Budapest

To put it simply, Better UX was founded thanks to the idea of knowledge sharing. In 2016, Krisztina published a case study of her latest UX design project. Szabolcs read the article, and contacted her to work together on one of his side projects, a selling and buying platform for used video games and consoles.

During the first two month of the UX research, it became evident for both of them that their different views, perspectives and diversity in knowledge enables them to form a highly-effective team. But most importantly, they noticed that they share a professional approach to UX design. That’s why they chose to do UX in a Better way, together.

Krisztina Szerovay - UX Researcher / Designer

Krisztina Szerovay

UX Designer

To solve a problem, you must first understand it. - (Kim Goodwin)

UX design is one of Krisztina’s passions since the end of 2010, when she read the famous book of Steve Krug. She is good at looking at things from other people's perspective, always being curious about how the mind works and likes to observe human behavior. She strives for creating consistent and intuitive experiences. She always utilizes a multidisciplinary approach during her work, connecting the dots to achieve the best result possible.

Krisztina Szerovay - UX Researcher / Designer

Szabolcs Bakos

WEB / UI / UX Designer

Perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove. - (Antoine de Saint Exupéry)

Szabolcs is a self-taught web designer, he created a wide range of websites over his more than 17 years of experience. He loves minimalist, clean interfaces, always looking for simple and elegant solutions. He has transitioned his career path into UX design in the recent years. His favorite part of the UX design process is interface design and interaction design.

Our Principles

Our design boutique is specialized in UX research, design and consultancy. We are a small, but agile team. We combine our years of knowledge with research to deliver experiences that your customers expect.


Honesty / Transparency

We are not pretending to be something else that we are not. We will tell you upfront if we are not the right fit for your project.



We are effective, we have time to care about even the smallest details. We adapt easily to find the best solutions for our clients.



We truly own our projects, taking personal responsibility for what we create. You will know who your are working with at every stage of the process.


Personal Service

We work closely with our clients, providing a personal service. We choose to stay small to maintain our flexibility and personal approach.


Diverse Knowledge

We came from different backgrounds, therefore having a multidisciplinary approach. We believe that different perspectives are essential.



We not only love what we do, we believe that a good UX design enables people to use their capacities better. We care about creating meaningful experiences.