To help potential clients, We have provided answers to some of Our most frequently asked questions. If you need any further information or have any questions, just let Us know.

Process, payment, deadlines

  • How much do you charge for your service?

    It depends on what you need and how fast you need it. In our contact form, we ask for your budget range. It helps us recommend you solutions that fit to it. We have four standalone UX services, which provide a great starting point for larger projects as well; and we also can help you with a whole UX design process. Tell us a bit about your mission, and we will get back to you soon! After contacting us, we will set up a Skype meeting with you, or if you prefer, first we will ask you a small set of questions via email.

  • How does your payment process work?

    You will get a quote based on the data you provided (after contacting us, we will set up a Skype meeting, or if you prefer, first we will ask you a small set of questions via email). If we agree on a flat rate, we charge 40% of the amount at the start of the project. In case of working with hourly rates, we will ask you to pay an initial fee (covering some hours), and then we send you the calculated amount (with a detailed breakdown of how we came up with that) at the end of each month. If we establish a long-term partnership with you, our monthly fee will be charged on the first of each month.

  • What kind of businesses do you work with?

    We are happy to work with a broad range of company types (e.g. start-ups, micro-, small- or medium-sized enterprises, bigger corporations). We also love to work with talented individuals, who have a great idea to develop. It should be noted tough, that we are not a big design agency. We are a small UX design team, and we take pride in working in close collaboration with our clients throughout the whole design process.

  • Is there any kind of project you will certainly refuse to work on?

    Yes. To save each other's time, it seems reasonable to list out these. By topic: multi level marketing (MLM); services for adult content. We don't work for political parties. We respect the law of our and our client's country. We also pay close attention to prevent copyright issues.

  • When can you start working on my project?

    If your project needs to be done by next week, we almost certainly are not the right fit for the job. We provide well-crafted, high quality work, which can't be achieved in a rush. It is also important to note that we won't start one more project if we already work on full capacity: we know that it would force us to give less attention to the other projects. So please contact us,we will tell you when can we start collaborating with you.

  • How long does the design process take?

    Each project is different, it always depends on the unique conditions and requests what methods are included in the UX design process, so please tell us a bit about your project or idea, we love to take design challenges!

  • What kind of assets do I need to provide?

    It depends on the project. In case of designing your product's or service's online presence, we might need the following assets:

    • your logo (preferably in vector format),
    • photos, graphics, icons (if you don't have these, we will help you by suggesting stock materials),
    • texts (we help with the copywriting, but we will ask you to provide a draft)
    • brand style guides / guidelines.

Collaboration, External UX Team

  • We are a design agency, would you work with us as an external UX design team?

    Absolutely! We are open to work on one or multiple projects based on a long-term partnership. In case you want the UX design skills in house, we can mentor your team. Contact us to discuss which of our collaboration models is best for you.

  • Are you planning to expand your team? Are you open for collaboration?

    Our skill sets perfectly complement each other, so at this point we don't feel the necessity of expanding. With that said, we are always open for collaborations. If you are a UX designer, a data analyst, a developer or any other creative professional, and you are interested in working with us, let's talk!


  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Budapest, Hungary. Our time zone is the CET (so for example if the time is 16:00 PM in Budapest, it is 10:00 AM in New York, and 2:00 AM in Sydney). Working with clients from different parts of the world is not a problem for us. In fact, it is quite the opposite: during a close collaboration it can be an advantage, since we are sleeping while you are reviewing what we have sent, and vice versa.

  • How will we contact during the project?

    In most cases, a meeting in person is not necessary (or in case of international projects, not effective or not viable), so we contact via email and Skype.

  • Can I monitor the progress of the project?

    Yes, of course! We can provide draft and in-progress versions of our work throughout the creative process. We will discuss what tools or software would you prefer to use for collaboration (e.g. Trello, RealTime Board, Slack). Except for the standalone services, we set milestones throughout the estimated timeframe. You will always so during the process where are you at a given point, and where are you heading. Our goal is to deliver beyond your expectations.

UX Design Services

  • What kind of services do you offer?

    We are a UX design and consultancy team.

    We have 4 standalone services, which can serve as great starting points for a whole design or redesign process:

    If you only have an idea, we have this pack for you:

    1. STARTER pack (Competitive Analysis, Best Practice Research)

    If you already have a website or an application, you can choose from 3 packs:

    1. BASIC pack (Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough)
    2. STANDARD pack (Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough, Comptetitive Analysis, Best Practice Research)
    3. PRO pack (Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough, Comptetitive Analysis, Best Practice Research, Usability Testing)

    If you are not sure which one is the best fit for you, or you want us to conduct a whole UX design process, please contact us!

Additional Services

  • Do you provide copywriting? In which languages?

    Yes, to a certain extent. Ideally, it is going to be your task to provide a rough draft of the texts, then we will rewrite and modify it, and make suggestions applying UX guidelines for writing content. Our native language is Hungarian. We can help with copywriting, but we suggest you to have a professional copywriter as well. If you need German texts, we got you covered: even though our German language skill needs to be developed a lot, we know a great expert, who for example wrote speeches for a member of the German Parliament.

  • Can you help me choose a domain name for my business?

    Yes, but our help is limited to telling you the important guidelines on how you should choose. It needs to be noted, that we don't provide the research part as a service.

  • Do you provide photography services?

    We are amateur photographers, so we won't pretend that we can provide professional photographs for you. But we can help you by finding stock photos that fit to your project. (For example these are the stock sites we use frequently: www.unsplash.com, https://photodune.net/, http://www.istockphoto.com/) However, it should be highlighted that we always recommend that you have your custom imagery (if your budget is large enough).

  • Will you design my logo, custom illustration or icons?

    Our main profile is UX research, design and consultancy. We also have web design experience. Bezier curves are our good friends, but we honestly think that there are better professionals for these jobs out there. However, we can help you by suggesting stock illustrations and icon packs. If your budget allows it, you should have custom illustrations and icons: custom graphics reflect your brand identity better. Thanks to our network of professional designeres, we are in contact with some great logo and graphic designers, so we can connect you with them. 

  • Next to the UX and visual design services, will you deliver any service of coding?

    We are not developers, so we can't help you with the coding part, but we attach detailed descriptions, annotations to our design assets to support the developers. We follow the iOS and Android design guidelines, and we also know that responsive design is the standard nowadays. Handing the deliverables to you does not mean that we are finished. We do follow-up meetings to check if everything goes in the expected way during the development and implementation phase. If you don't have any developers in mind for your project, don't worry, we have a network of talented experts, who will gladly collaborate.