UX Services

We help you create websites, applications and services by understanding your and your users’ needs. We start each new project with a thorough exploration of your goals, domain and context.

Standalone UX Packages

If you only have an idea, we offer you the Starter pack to kickstart your design process. If you already have a website or an application, you can choose from three packages: Basic, Standard and Pro.

Our UX Process

We believe that our well-defined, iterative design process enables us to deliver the best solutions for our clients.


UX Audit

After a kickoff meeting about your goals and mission, we conduct a UX review of your current status. As a result, you get an analysis stating the opportunities to develop. We offer UX Audit as an independent service as well.


UX Research

Next to the business goals, the users' goals are equally important. We gain insights, get to know you users' needs, goals, understand their behavior and context.


Data Analysis

After collecting data from your users, we utilize different methods to synthesize the insights. This phase will enable us to conduct the design phase with the users’ needs in mind.


UX Design

Based on the insights got from both the businesses and the users’ side we design how your users will be able to interact with your product or service.


UX Testing

Our design process is iterative: we test the prototype to identify areas that need to be developed.


Visual Design

To provide a consistent look and feel, to express your brand’s personality, we add a clean and coherent visual layer to our design.