Content Inventory

Creating a Content Inventory means that we write an index of your website's or application's content. There can be different reasons for conducting it, but basically it helps to identify what content is available on your website or application.

How does it help

It depends on the goal, but in general it helps you to get to know the website’s content in an organized way. It also helps to point out what should be removed, rewritten or replaced.

What will you get

You get a detailed spreadsheet with the indexed content of your website or application, and a document explaining what parts should be modified and how.

A Content Inventory (or content audit) can serve as a great starting points for many parts of the UX design process. Overall, it enables us to see the "whole picture" of your service or product, taking into account each piece of your content.

What is the process

The first step is setting the goals and the scope of your content inventory: what are we trying to accomplish, and which parts of the system or website should be examined. The most common goals are to identify

  • the elements of the content, and 
  • how these are structured, what are the existing relations (e.g. internal links)
  • which parts of your website or application is outdated
  • the redundant elements
  • the unnecessary parts
  • which are the important pieces.