Fake door testing

Thanks to Fake Door Testing, we can validate a product idea without actually implementing it, so it can save a lot of money, and make the process of improving your product or service more efficient.

How does it help

Fake Door Testing is a great way to find out whether a new product or feature would be interesting for your target audience without spending much time and money on developing it.

What will you get

We will provide you the design of the landing page (or UI elements) featuring this new product or feature idea, and we will also give you a summary of our findings after the test period.

Fake Door Testing means that we show your user an option that is not actually exists. After the user clicks or registers (or takes another action), the system replies that this feature or product is not yet ready. By measuring how many of your visitors have clicked (or registered), we can tell whether the feature or the product will be used by your users or not. It needs to be mentioned that Fake Door Testing only works if you already have a website or an application, and you also have some traffic on it. On the landing page created for the new feature or product, we can ask your user to provide an email address, so you can notify your users of the launch of the new addition. Consequently, if you decide to implement the new feature, or launch the new product, you will already have a database of users who are interested in it.

What is the process

The process of Fake Door Testing is pretty straightforward:

  • Learning about your business goals
  • Determining the new feature or product idea
  • Creating a landing page or UI elements
  • Launching the test
  • Analyzing the data
  • Summarizing the findings