Feedback Review

At the beginning of the UX design process, it is useful to collect all the data you already have about the users. In many cases, this already existing data includes feedback collected by your customer support.

How does it help

The initial data will help us creating a starting point for the other parts of the UX design process.

What will you get

We will provide you the summary of our analysis in a detailed document.

The Feedback Review can truly boost a UX design process at the start. It needs to be highlighted, however that analyzing this kind of data is not an alternative of a proper UX Research.

What is the process

During the initial kick-off meeting with you (Stakeholder interview), we will ask you to provide all the data you already have about your users. We collect and organize the data, and look for patterns in it.

Feedback can come from many different sources, for example:

  • targeted surveys
  • native in-app feedback
  • website feedback forms (like feedback boxes)
  • customer support calls and messages
  • comments on social media
  • reviews