Heuristic evaluation

We evaluate the usability and user experience of your website or application using a set of predefined factors (these are the usability heuristics). It is a good starting point for a project, however, it can't be as valuable as a Usability Test: a UX expert is able to point out some areas where improvement would be needed, but you should ask and observe your users as well.

How does it help

Heuristic Evaluation is an efficient way of pointing out some user interface errors and defects: it allows you to get quick feedback, and to determine what areas should be developed in the future.

What will you get

We provide you a detailed analysis containing how we evaluated your interface against more then 200 usabilty guidelines and our recommendations on what should a future redesign focus on.

During the heuristic evaluation, we keep in mind that this is not about our opinions, rather it is viewing things from your users' perspective. Another important rule is that we do this as a team, so we can discuss each points after the evaluation. To understand your users' perspective, we need to have a prior knowledge of their goals, that is why we start each project with a Stakeholder Interview (kickoff meeting) with you.

What is the process

We review your website (its user interface) using a list of more than 200 usability guidelines. These guidelines cover the following topics:

  • Homepage usability
  • Task orientation and site functionality
  • Navigation and Information Architecture
  • Forms and data entry
  • Trust and credibility
  • Writing and content quality
  • Page layout and visual design
  • Search usability
  • Help, feedback and error tolerance