Essentially, moodboards are collections of visual inspirations showcasing what is our idea about the style of your interfaces.

How does it help

Moodboards enable us to communicate the proposed look and feel of your digital product. After the Stakeholder Interview with you, we start gathering ideas, inspirations in order to establish a proposed aesthetic.

What will you get

Based on the brand and communication guidelines, your target audience, the values you would like to represent and so on, we create Moodboards, from which you can choose the one that resonates with you the most. 

Moodboards are great way to communicate the following elements:

  • overall style, mood and personality
  • color palettes
  • typography
  • photography / illustration / icon style

It is important to highlight that Moodboarding is not about designing the Content, the organization of the user interface elements (it is not part of creating the Information Architecture), and it does not contain Interaction Design proposals.

Based on the Moodboard you selected, we can start working on the look and feel of your user interfaces.

What is the process

We follow these steps:

  • Having a Stakeholder Interview and other meetings
  • Understanding the values and personality you want to communicate
  • Gathering visual inspirations
  • Creating Moodboards
  • Presenting the Moodboards to you
  • Start working on the UI Design