User Personas are representations of significant groups of your users. Personas are fictional, but we give them characteristics based on real data collected throughout the UX research.

How does it help

Personas help us to focus on your users' needs during the UX design process: we use them to emphatize with your users. For example: how would John, the programmer search for possible gifts on Etsy for his wife? Personas help to validate design decisions, and to accelerate ideation processes.

What will you get

Creating Personas is not only useful for the period of a UX design process: you can keep them, and develop them in the future in order to have a mutual understanding of your users in your whole team. We will provide you the detailed persona with recommendations on how can you use them later.

It is important to keep in mind that Personas are not about demographics: instead, their behavior is the most relevant part of them. There are other points we usually use to shape a Persona, for example:

  • Name, age and a photo to make them more realistic
  • Short biography
  • Expertise
  • Personality
  • Context
  • Goals and needs
  • Challenges or pain points, frustrations
  • Technology details (e.g. used products and platforms)
  • Quotes (e.g. from User Interviews)

What is the process

These are the steps of our user Persona-creation process:

  • Finding patterns in the research data
  • Discussion with team
  • Using different methods to create the personas (e.g. Emphaty Maps)
  • Documentation
  • Familiarizing the personas with you
  • Refining them during the UX design process