Standard - UX Redesign Package

Next to the services we offer in our Basic UX redesign pack, we explore what your competitors are doing.

What you will get

  • Panoramic view of your competitors
  • Documentation of what are the widely used design solutions
  • Actionable recommendations and evaluation of your current state of UX

We Get the Job Done

You will know what your competitors provide for their users. You will also get a documentation of what are the widely used design solutions for the problems you address. Additionally, we will determine the areas for improvement, identify opportunities for future development.

Yes, I’m interested!

Our process

As a starting point, we will have a Stakeholder Interview with you. Then we determine which factors should be included in the Competitive Analysis.

As a result of the kickoff meeting, we also determine what is the scope of the Best Practice Research. If a pattern is trendy, it does not always means that it is the best for your customers. You have unique goals and context, and so do you users. That is why we start the process with a Stakeholder Interview, where we discuss these goals.

We will also ask you to give us all the relevant data you already have (call center data, web analytics, any user feedback – e.g. from your social media networks –), so we can conduct a Feedback Review. Then with your help, we are going to list out the most important User Flows. We then evaluate your website or application using certain heuristics (Heuristic Evaluation), and then we go through the user flows (Cognitive Walkthrough). Finally, we summarize our findings in a detailed document, and determine areas for improvement.


Stakeholder Interview

We gonna ask these questions: What are your goals and mission? What do you know about your users? Who are your known competitors?


Competitive Analysis

We explore what your competitors are doing in order to find a great combination of the available solutions on your market.


Best Practice Research

While there are no definitive ways that will work for every target audience, there are some guidelines, patterns which can be used as a starting point.


Heuristic Evaluation

We evaluate the usability and user experience of your website or application using a set of predefined factors.


Cognitive Walkthrough

Based on the User Flows we have identified with you, we evaluate the learnability of your digital product or service.


As a result of this process, we are going to provide you these:

  • As a result of this process, we are going to provide you these:
  • Spreadsheet with your competitors and certain factors
  • Detailed document showcasing the widely used design patterns
  • Summary of the Stakeholder Interview and User Flow Analysis
  • Detailed document with screenshots and evaluation of usability heuristics