Style guide

The term "Style guide" can mean quite different things. What we call Style guide is essentially a document that contains visual guidelines for your digital product.

How does it help

Style guides help you to maintain the consistency of your digital product: even if more people work on it, or it gets modified it in the future.

What will you get

We will provide you a detailed document containing the most important aspects of using your product's or service's visual elements.

Style guides can have different parts based on the different interpretations of this term. Some Style guides for example contain Tone of Voice guidelines as well, which describes what and how should someone communicate with the users in given situations (Mailchimp's Voice & Tone Document is a great example). However, we don't offer this service. Typically, our Style guides contain the following elements:

  • How the logo should be used (sizes, colors, placement, spacing, variations)
  • Typography (sizes, colors, typefaces for different UI elements)
  • How to organize content (e.g. lists, tables, layout guidelines)
  • Imagery, icons, illustrations (what should be used and how)

We believe that next to a Style guide, a UI Kit should also be utilized, these two create a powerful combination. It should be mentioned that we only provide services for your digital projects, so our Style guides don't contain guidelines for print.

What is the process

To create a Style guide, we need to know what should be the overall look and feel of your digital product, and understand your and your target audience's goals, then we follow this process:

  • Collecting inspirations
  • Discussing what should be included with you
  • Creating the detailed document