Tree testing

We conduct a Tree Testing in order to assess the findability on your website or inside your application.

How does it help

Just like Card Sorting, Tree Testing helps us to create the Information Architecture, which supports findability and discoverability (both attributes is about finding information). It can improve the way the information is organized and labelled.

What will you get

Tree Testing offers the same as Card Sorting: the user involvement enables us to design your product or service in a way that match your users' mental model. It is a cost-efficient, quick test, which shows what areas should be modified.

During a Tree Testing, participants get different tasks to solve. We write scenarios, which could easily happen in the real life. We ask them to find a certain information, but we put it into perspective, like: "You are planning to visit your aunt, who lives in a different continent, and your passport has expired. Where would you look to find information about getting a new passport?". Participants can click through a predefined tree, so we can test the structure and the naming.

What is the process

These are the steps of our Tree Testing process:

  • Setting the framework (e.g. writing instructions)
  • Creating the Tree
  • Writing and selecting scenarios
  • Recruiting Participants
  • Analyzing the results
  • Summarizing the findings