UI design

The term "UI Design" stands for User Interface Design, and it is about designing the look and feel of your digital product, adding a visual layer to the things we have designed throughout the UX design process.

How does it help

A good-looking user interface is responsible for building trust in your target audience. Aesthetics are essential to create a positive first impression, and to establish credibility. The UI design also plays an important role in expressing your brand.

What will you get

While we are mainly a UX design consultancy, one of our additional strength it that we are not only here to improve the user experience of your product or service, we can also produce user interfaces which are beautiful to look at.

It should be highlighted, that good UX and good UI go hand in hand. You can have for example a well-designed Information Architecture, a well-tested Prototype, and you can also know your users well thanks to an extensive UX Research, if the user interface of your product or service looks unprofessional or outdated, it can undermine the success of your project. And it is not only about being good-looking: it should follow conventions, be consistent, let the users do what they came for and so on.

What is the process

Adding the visuals, the look and feel is the last layer: after understanding your and your users' goals, crafting the Interactions, building the Information Architecture, creating SketchesWireframes and low fidelity Prototypes, based on the Moodboards we create the UI design, so roughly these are the steps of the process (naturally, due to the iterative nature of our UX design process, some parts of it will happen after creating the UI elements, so the sequence of the following steps can vary):

  • Presenting the Moodboards to you
  • Choosing the style
  • Creating the UI Design elements