UI Kit

A UI Kit (or pattern library) is like a box of LEGO customized for your website or application: it contains reusable user interface elements, so you can easily extend or modify your existing interfaces in the future.

How does it help

Consistency is a very important factor a good user experience. The elements of a user interface should work in a learnable, predictable way: for example if a green rectangle works as a button on the Homepage, the exact same rectangle should not serve as an illustration on the About us page.

What will you get

You will get a set of reusable UI elements, which can be quickly integrated into your existing design. Thanks the UI Kit, the look and feel of the UI parts will be consistent, every little chunk will fit in the overall look, even if it was added later. You will be able to use these parts for Prototyping as well.

Our UI Kit service includes creating a UI Kit which represents your brand, style and values. Naturally, you can utilize premade UI Kit, but we won't recommend that. So next to having all the benefits of UI Kits available for purchase (or downloadable for free), we offer customization and personalization as well. You will get many color variations of the following UI elements:

  • Navigation: menus, buttons, tags, breadcrumb, pagination and so on
  • Form controls: like text fields, radio buttons, drop downs and check boxes
  • Elements for displaying the content (e.g. lists, tables, accordions, sliders)
  • Other elements: tooltips, alerts, labels, progress bars etc.

We believe that next to a UI Kit, a Style guide should also be utilized, these two create a powerful combination.

What is the process

First, we need to establish the overall look and feel of your digital product or service, then we follow these steps:

  • Discussing what kind of elements will you need
  • Creating the UI Kit
  • Writing a "How to use" document for you