Usability testing

Usability Testing means that we ask someone who represents your target audience to complete a set of predefined tasks. We also ask them to think-out-loud, tell everything that comes to their minds in connection with the task they are completing.

How does it help

Thanks to Usability Testing, we can get instant feedback from your users. We can find out what are the problematic points, and after the tests, we can focus on these issues to make your product of service better.

What will you get

We record each session with a screencapture tool. Next to these recordings, we will provide you the transcript of what your users said during the session. Plus, we will summarize our findings in a detailed document.

Usability Testing reveals how smooth is the process of completing the tasks for the participants on your website or inside your application (or using the Prototype of these). During our UX Research and Design process, we use a small sample test: we test with only 3 participants/Persona. Interestingly, with three users almost 75% of the problems can be identified, so adding more participants makes the process less and less effective. It needs to be mentioned a UX Process should be iterative, thus we recommend conducting multiple rounds of Usability Testing.

What is the process

The exact process depends on whether we utilize Usability Testing during a redesign or a design project, but these steps are always included:

  • Understanding your and your users' goals
  • Determining the scope
  • Preparing the tasks
  • Recruiting participants
  • Conducting the tests
  • Summarizing the finding