User flows

A Userflow is a sequence of steps your user needs to take in order to accomplish a task inside your application or on your website.

How does it help

Outlining the main user flows for each Persona will enable us to create a smooth user experience. Your users will visit your website or use your app in order to reach their goals. Making the steps of reaching these goals evident and straightforward can considerably improve their experience.

What will you get

We will create many iterations of the main Userflows during the UX design process. As we always keep our sketches and low fidelity diagrams for future reference and for documentation purposes, upon request we will provide you all the versions we create along the way.

We start creating Userflows by thinking about our Personas goals and motivations. Ideally, by conducting User Journey MappingStoryboarding and writing Scenarios, we already know at this point what tasks we have to concentrate, what problems should be solved.

Userflows are made of steps. To design these steps in a user friendly way, we need to have a user-centered mindset, and imagine that the user and your interface is having a conversation. To every user-input, the system responds with something. Sketching is a great way of designing Userflows, and we also use a shorthand technique developed by Ryan Singer, which only utilizes texts and connector lines.

What is the process

We follow these steps:

  • Understanding your users' needs
  • Listing out the main goals for each Persona
  • Identifying Entry Points (where your users come from)
  • Determining the End Points (when the goal is reached)
  • Including the steps (with alternative paths)
  • Iterating many times