Optimum Click website

Optimum Click is a Manchester-based PPC agency, which designs PPC campaigns, and also offers consultancy work for in-house teams.

Our partner asked us to redesign the Optimum Click website in a way that makes the value proposition (what is this site about, what are the main services) clearer for the visitors. So the main challenge here was to write effective words: choosing appropriate and understandable terms is key for a good user experience.

Next to Content Design, it was also important to give the website a more professional look and feel: our research showed that the previous outdated design had a negative impact on the credibility, and failed to create a good first impression, so possibly it was one of the factors that resulted in a high bounce rate.

Optimum Click website design

UX design process

The main issue we identified as a result of the initial kick-off meeting with our partner was that it was not clear for the users what are the main services, what they should focus on. There were too many words, walls of texts, it was hard to select the relevant information. Next to Feedback and Analytics Review, we also conducted First-clik tests on the original site to establish a good starting point for the actual design process. While we did some sketches, and created clickable prototypes, our main task was to write effective copy.

Typography and colors

Optimum Click Colors
Optimum Click Typography

The main goal

The most important task was to choose words, construct sentences that communicate effectively what the benefits of using a PPC consultant are. And not only did we pay attention to the words written on the hero image, we also thought about the little details. Instead of presenting long paragraphs, we organized the content into more comprehensible chunks.

Optimum Click website design
Optimum Click website design

More details

We created easily scannable list, omitted the redundant words, used short sentences and paragraphs, redesigned the headlines and subheads, and made the content more scannable. We also made more prominent the benefits of running an effective PPC campain. With the clean, professional look, the website can establish credibility in a more effective way.

Optimum Click website design