SabeeApp Hotel Management System UI/UX design

Sabee App is a cloud-based hotel management system. Hotels, apartments and other properties can manage reservations, invoices, communications and so on. It also provides a booking engine, and a secure payment system.

Redesigning the Sabee App hotel management system was an interesting challenge: the system offers a wide range of functions. Next to the management, booking and payment moduls, it also offers real-time synchronization across the prominent booking websites, back-up options, and different solutions for different property-types.

Our task was to create a smooth, easy-to-understand, logical system of all these available functions. By redesigning the User Flows both from the properties and the end-users persepctive, we were able to provide a more straight-forward, more logical structure inside the application.

SabeeApp Property Management System UI/UX design

UX design process

After an initial kick-off meeting with our stakeholder partner, we conducted a Heuristic Evaluation to list out the main issues, we also did a Content Inventory to get to know the different functions and content in an organized way. After a Competitive Analysis, we reviewed the Feedback and analyzed the usage data. These methods allowed us to have a starting point for the other parts of the UX design process. By going through and analyzing all the User Flows, we were able to create a more logical Information Architecture. We were Sketching a lot, then we created Wireframes and clickable Prototypes.

Typography and colors

SabeeApp Property Management System Colors
SabeeApp Property Management System Typography

The main goal

To put it simply: our main goal was to guide the user through the user flows more effectively. We removed the functions and content that not necessary at a certain point. This way, we were able to make more obvious what are the next possible steps. As an example, we included a progress bar and a "Booking summary" panel.

SabeeApp Property Management System UI/UX design
SabeeApp Property Management System UI/UX design

More details

Nowadays, it goes without saying that responsive design is a must, so we optimized the system for various viewport sizes. To help users reaching their goals, we redesigned all the forms inside the application. We paid attention to the UX of the microcopy as well: we recommended to present the content in small, easily understandable chunks. We also included ways of customization, so that the hotels, apartments and other properties can use their branding.

SabeeApp Property Management System UI/UX design
SabeeApp Property Management System UI/UX design